Android users get more mobile coupons from Cellfire

Shane McGlaun - Oct 28, 2010
Android users get more mobile coupons from Cellfire

Coupons are all fine and good as are reward cards. I am not a coupon user because I don’t want to have to keep up with the little pieces of paper. I do use a rewards card at the grocery store mostly because they won’t check you out until you hand it to them. I end up digging in my wallet until I find it each time.

If you are an Android user (the app is on other platforms too) Cellfire has announced that it is now syndicating more coupons to its mobile coupon app. Cellfire has added the QMobile Coupons program from Mobestream media to the Mobestream Key Ring Rewards Cards 2.0 application.

The app is cool in that it lets the shopper browse the coupons they want and then loads those coupons into the rewards card for easy use at the store. That means you can just get your smartphone screen scanned rather than having to carry around lots of coupons and a normal rewards card at participating stores.

Via Android Community

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