Android TV updated with new features plus 4K HDR for Stadia

Android TV is prepared for the future in the latest set of updates from Google this week. Included in the near-future action for the platform is Google Play Instant on TV, a way to get users into apps as fast as possible – without the need for installation. Another near-future update for the platform is an Android TV Emulator with Play Store support – that's mainly for developers, but cross your fingers it'll expand!

Below you'll see a video that'll outline a number of ways in which Android TV will expand for you, the user, and you, the developer for Android TV, in the near future. Cross your fingers this update set's expansion of Gboard TV means the entire Android TV system will get a more user-friendly set of features soon – we're working with speech-to-text and predictive typing now!

This update collection includes Auto low latency mode for the instant disabling of post-processing, if you do so wish. Go ahead and minimize the latency you see whenever your favorite gaming application is shown fullscreen, too. Like Google Stadia – which sees 4K HDR support starting this week!

NOTE: To get 4K HDR for Stadia on your Android TV device, open the Stadia app on your Android TV device (for starters). If you cannot get Stadia on your device, you'll just need to wait longer – or see if you have a big software update waiting for you by restarting your Android TV device from zero.

Once you're in the Stadia app, open the Settings menu. Scroll to the Performance section, and see if you've got the option for 4K resolution. You'll likely also see an HDR option if you see a 4K option – and if you do, good on you! Activate at will! NOTE: Stadia still isn't OFFICIALLY on Android TV, but sideloading the app SHOULD work if you have a relatively new device with Android TV in the mix.

ALSO: The latest Leanback Library improvements for Android TV mean developers will be able to share code bases across mobile and TV platforms with a top tab navigation, the ability to page through media titles, and more, all made easier this week.