Android TV supports background audio streaming at last

Android TV's latest update brings background Chromecast audio streaming to the platform. For most users, the idea that one might like to "cast" audio to one's TV wasn't much of an issue. If you were using the Spotify app for Android TV, you could've potentially sent your favorite songs to your television and listen to that song while other apps are open in the foreground – but now you can do it with all SORTS of music apps.

The key here, with the latest update to Android TV, is the feature which allows audio streaming for Chromecast apps in the background. If you're using an app like YouTube Music, you can keep playing audio without having that app front and center, and open. One would assume we'll eventually be able to listen to music while playing a game in Android TV – much like you're able in Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 and/or Steam.

Some apps will need some modifications before we're able to play audio over the top of video and/or still images. One would need to ask the question, of course: Why would you want to play audio and a video app with its own audio at the same time, but one would instantly be able to answer...

It's so obvious. If you're playing some music with Spotify or with YouTube Music, you'll be able to open Google Play Movies and browse for movies while the music continues to play – what a wild world!

As noted by 9to5Google, you might need to get the Chromecast built-in beta program update before you get this system to work. You'll find that access over at Google Play (Chromecast built-in testing program) right about now. You'll also need an Android TV device, obviously, and that'll be best if you've got a new machine like the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV – but that's up to you!