Android tablet and smartphone 12-lead EKG machine launches

Shane McGlaun - Jan 18, 2013, 4:05 am CST
Android tablet and smartphone 12-lead EKG machine launches

There’s a huge number of applications and accessories out there for tablets and smartphones for people who are health conscious or have some sort a health problem that needs to be monitored. People who have heart conditions often have to have frequent EKGs to be sure everything with their heart is working normally. The problem is that going into the doctor’s office or to the hospital to have an EKG can cost a lot of money.

A new portable EKG system that interfaces with Android tablets and smartphones has debuted called CardioCard Mobile. The system uses Bluetooth to connect to Android smartphones and tablets or computers. The system is designed to save EKG readings as PDF files allowing them to be e-mailed anywhere right from the Android device or a computer. That feature makes it easy for users to keep doctors informed about their health.

The device performs 12 lead simultaneous interpretive acquisition and has a sampling rate of 250 to 1000 Hz. The device supports ECG interpretation classes including MLS, blocks, enlargements, axis, and afib. The system also allows users to save EKG readings directly to their device.

The EKG system promises hospital level accuracy and quality and promises to be easy-to-use. The system isn’t cheap at $1895. However, if you have to go into the hospital for frequent EKGs it may pay for itself in a few saved trips. I can see these things in use with home health care providers.

[via MedicalDeviceDepot]

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