Android photography favorite Camera51 hits iOS

Recently, Carousel launched an educational series dedicated to helping you snap better photos with your smartphone. By offering up a few simple primers on best practices, you'll (hopefully) end up with a better jumping-off point before you edit your photos. To help with that knowledge, Camera51 has landed on iOS after a long, successful run on Android. The app helps you do things like frame a shot, and can even tell you if peripheral items on-screen will interfere with framing boundaries.

And yes, there is even a setting to help you snap the perfect selfie. An auto-selfie mode lets you strike a pose without searching for the sometimes-elusive-depending-on-how-you-hold-your-phone shutter button.

In real-time, Camera51 tells you if you need to pan your phone up, down or to the side to grab the perfect shot. An automatic framing guidance system identifies the central points of focus and helps you center them properly using the 'rule of thirds'.

Once Camera51 figures out the right framing principles for your shot, it provides a little bullseye for you to drag your camera towards. Get your camera in the little on-screen cubby, and snap away.

Camera51 can make you a better photographer, even if you plan on filtering your photo later on. It's available in the App Store now for all phones running iOS 8 or better, as well as via Google Play for Android.