Android phone of the future?

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Japan's Osaka University never fails to fascinate us with his amazingly life-like robotic creations. However, his latest creation, the Telenoid R1 is very different. Designed as a way of remote communication, the Telenoid R1 aims to make you feel as though the other person on the line is right there with you. What better way to stay connected?

Much in the vein of Casper the ghost, the Telenoid R1 features a bald human-like head attached to a soft stumpy limbed body. The simplified design is intentional–partly to save costs for faster prototyping—so that the Telenoid can represent any individual on the other end of the line. And requiring people to use their imaginations will supposedly make the interaction more personal.

Ishiguro's work has always been advancing new methods of remote communication, education, work, and elderly care. Research and commercial versions of the Telenoid R1 will be available later this year.

[Via CNet Asia]