Android PC Case Mod – I think this whole thing may have gone a wee bit too far

James Allan Brady - Mar 24, 2008

So some guy (Read: Eric Burke) decided to build a case/computer in dedication to the Open Handset Alliances’ new development platform known as Android. The logo for the platform is some Clip Art quality green robot and this PC essentially looks like the head of said robot.

The case is made of steel and has a couple of WiFi antenna’s stuck on the top. It also has a VIA NanoBGA C7 processor and Mini-ITX motherboard running inside.

There is also a gig of RAM, a 74GB 10k RPM WD Raptor hard drive, and a Pico power supply in there. He chose to install Ubuntu on it and then sell it on Ebay. Sadly that didn’t go so well for him as it only sold for $187.50 when the motherboard/processor combo alone cost $99, so basically he barely made his money back from the parts, it would have been real badass if it had contained a DD-WRT hacked Linksys wireless router of some sort as well, thus making the antennas functional.

[via Technabob]

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