Android pattern lock patent aims for quick launch of frequently-used apps

Android has had the privilege of serving up frequently-used apps right on the lock screen, that way you can go straight to the app in as little taps as possible. However, if you have a pattern lock on your phone, the convenience of quick-launching apps is unavailable. However, according to a new patent from Google, that feature could be coming soon.

The patent was recently granted to Google, and it would allow Android users to set a unique pattern lock for specific apps in order to quick-launch them. For instance, you would have a traditional pattern unlock to get to your phone's homescreen, and then you could set multiple other patterns to directly open specific apps.

The most clever part about the feature is that you can set a pattern unlock with options for apps showing up on the last node of the pattern that will let you select one to directly open it. If Google does end up bringing this feature to Android, we're not sure if they would keep it locked to just certain apps, or all apps, but either way, it seems like a great way to keep your phone locked up while still having the ability to access apps quickly.

The feature seems pretty straightforward and simple. Plus, it's something that we could easily see being implemented into Android at any time. Of course, Android 4.3 is already out, so we'll have to wait for the next update in order to get it, but as with most patents, this could just be a figment of our imagination; an idea that we'll never see in real life. However, we're hopeful that Google will be smart enough to include this awesome feature in the next version of Android.

VIA: Engadget