Android Notifier sends notifications to your desktop

One of the cool things about Google Voice is that it sends texts and other content that you get on your mobile phone to your desktop so you can reply to them using your keyboard rather than typing on the phone. A new event notifier is available for the Android platform called simply enough Android-Notifier that reminds me a bit of Google Voice in some aspects.

The software sends notifications to a desktop computer when certain events on an Android device happen like the phone rings or a text message is received. The software can also notify via the desktop when the battery is running low. It can send the notifications to the desktop using several methods.

Currently supported ways to send the notifications are over WiFi or Bluetooth and in the future, there will be USB support for notifications. The notifier runs as a service on the Android device and consumes little resources. When a call comes in the notification will give the user the number that is calling. Right now, the notifier is only offered for Mac and Linux. The Windows version will come "whenever someone volunteers to do it" according to the app page.