Android malware twice as common today compared to six months ago

The incidence of malware and security threats is growing every day across a number of markets. Many think about networks and computers when it comes to security threats, but the number of threats on smartphones like the Android platform and others are growing every day. A new report was published by Lookout that claims Android users are twice as likely to come across malware today than they were six months ago.

The report estimates that 500,000 users of Android were affected by malware in the first half of the year. During the first half of the year, apps with malware inside went from 80 to 400. The two most common malware attacks against Android devices are DroidDream and GGTracker. DroidDream was found in more than 80 apps and was designed to take over a device.

GGTracker is thought to be the first malware to steal money from Android users by signing them up for premium text services. The services the app registered people for were $10 to $50 per service. The report shows that so-called malvertizing, a ploy to use ads to shoot users to infected site for malware download is a common attack method. Another method of attack is to offer a free legitimate app and then after the user base grows attackers update the app with malware.

[via Android Community]