Android lost money in 2010 according to US judge

With Google and Oracle battling in court over Java trademarks that Google allegedly infringed on for Android, all sorts of information is coming out about Android. Talk of how much money Android made for Google came up during the damages hearing between Oracle and Google. According to facts that came up during the trial it appears Android lost money in 2010.

The judge asked direct questions to both Oracle and Google about Android financial details presented during the case. One of the key documents in the case, a document that showed profit and loss numbers for Android in 2010, were ordered sealed by the judge. However, the judge did say that Android lost money in each quarter of 2010.

No specific figures were given for the losses, but the judge did state that the quarterly losses added up to a big loss for the entire year. The losses for Android are despite the fact that the operating system generated $97.7 million in revenue in Q1 of 2010 reports Reuters. Oracle continues to argue that Google shouldn't be able to deduct some Android expenses for the purposes of copyright damages in the case. Google is claiming that Oracle has misrepresented financial numbers for the case. The jury is still deliberating.

[via Reuters]