Android LEGO Mindstorms R/C app gets video demo

We love a bit of Android, we love LEGO and we love remote-control gadgets, so the Emea Android team's app to remotely-control Mindstorms robots from an HTC Hero ticks all the right boxes.  The project uses the Hero's accelerometer to direct the Mindstorms 'bot, taking advantage of the existing Bluetooth adapter in the LEGO kit's "brain".

Since the Hero lacks support for the Bluetooth serial port profile (SPP), which was missing in Android 1.5, the control system actually uses an intermediary laptop to which the phone connects via WiFi.  Still, with SPP support in Android 2.1, there's talk of updating the app for direct remote-control.  We're hoping this gets released sooner rather than later.

[via Recombu and via Android Community]