Android L: Will it be Lollipop, or Licorice?

Do you know who Giovanni Calabrese is? He's the guy responsible for those shrines to Android that adorn the Google campus each time a new release is upon us. He's also working on the latest Android monument, but isn't being forthcoming about what it will be. In fact, Calabrese is going out of his way to troll us all a bit. Widely believed to be called "Lollipop", Android L is being teased by the statue maker as "Licorice" (or "Liquorish", depending on the post).

Calabrese flew out to California Sunday, and has been teasing the Android faithful via — where else — Google+. He's shown handing out boxes of licorice at the airport, and reports the TSA asked why he had so much licorice. I'm sure they were all very amused.

Calabrese also says Licorice has never been his thing, but now says there are so many great flavors he can't stop eating it. Okay, Gio, we get it.

Counteracting that is the Android team inside Google, who haven't been as coy. An Android Lollipop icon has been spotted here and there, most recently in a Chromium issue tracker first spotted by the crew at Myce.

That sounds pretty convincing, but icons can change. Maybe the Lollipop thing was always a ruse, meant to throw us off the Licorice scent. Maybe the licorice talk is just fun and games because lollipop is so well known.

Either way, Google hasn't said anything officially, yet. Until they do, we're left to guess.

What's your flavor of choice? Would you rather have Android Lollipop, or Android Licorice? Let us know in the comments section below!