Android Key Lime Pie tipped post Jelly Bean

We've been hearing rumors for a while now that the next version of Android was going to be dubbed Jelly Bean. Google always picks the name of the sugary dessert as the codename for new versions of the Android operating system. The most recent was Ice Cream Sandwich and prior to that, we had names such as Honeycomb and Eclair.

The Verge reports that the source that tipped it that the next Android operating system would be codenamed Jelly Bean has now tipped the codename for the flavor of Android after Jelly Bean. According to the source, the future OS will be called Key Lime Pie. I like that name because it's the first dessert in a while that is a dessert I would eat.

Considering that we called Ice Cream Sandwich by the acronym ICS, I'm sure KLP will be what it's called most of the time. Let's just hope that Google offers up a version of KLP that is more sweet than tart. I can't even think of other desserts that start with "K," can you?

[via The Verge]