Android Jelly Bean in use on more than half of all Android devices

Sometimes new versions of the Android operating system can be slow to roll out to users. How quickly Android updates come really depends on how quickly carriers complete the testing and rollout their own customized versions of the operating systems for users. Android 4.3 made its first official appearance in the Android usage numbers offered by Google in October.

The first time the 4.3 version of the operating system turned up on those reports showed that it had a slight 1.5% of overall Android usage. Android 4.3 now holds 2.3% of the overall Android market according to the latest numbers from Google.

When you look at all three flavors of Jelly Bean combined, including 4.1.X, 4.2.X, and 4.3, Jelly Bean has over 50% of the entire Android market. The next most popular flavor of Android is Gingerbread, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich.

For the month of November, Gingerbread had 26.3% of the Android market with all versions combined. That is a decrease from 28.5% of the market held by Gingerbread last month. Ice Cream Sandwich has 19.8% of the overall market for all versions combined. The most popular version of Jelly Bean right now is 4.1.x with 37.3% of the Android market with 4.2.x holding 12.5% alone.

SOURCE: Android Community