Android iPhone clone shown as "iOS 9", iFans love it

Here is yet another episode in the almost ridiculous tug of war between iOS and Android. With iOS 9 just a month or so away, some thought it might be high time for some very late April Fools gag. So what does happen when you slap Android on a smartphone that looks incredibly like and iPhone 6 or 6s and sell it off as the next iOS 9? Well, for Apple's fans, it doesn't seem to matter if the company suddenly stopped developing iOS and switch to Android. They'll love it just the same.

Of course, they will notice that it's different, but not enough to actually notice that it is Android. To be fair, maybe those interviewed have actually seen or held an Android smartphone before, though some seem to definitely know about Android. Regardless, they seem to all sing the same tune. This "iOS 9" is better than before, though it needs getting used to. Features are more practical, some say. There is even one that seems to have fallen in love with the reboot option.

Interestingly, one interviewee did claim he will always be a Samsung fanboy. But that was probably not enough for him to distinguish the OS running on the iPhone clone as Android. This is, perhaps, quite telling that Samsung's TouchWiz coated Android version is that indistinguishable from a regular Android experience.

One caveat to this rather amusing experiment. We don't have access to raw interview footage, so we wouldn't really know how objective the edited clip is. We'll have to take YouTube channel Dit is Normaal's word for it. But lest Android fans be quick to laugh at the faces of Apple fans, it isn't exactly a victory for them either. When you think about it, this only proves that no matter what Apple releases, fans will eat it up, hook, line, and sinker.