Android HTC prototype device shots

Well, looky here, we have a new Android OS prototype device still coming from HTC. All the previous models we have seen have been white, and looked considerably different, and one of the prototypes was some dark color, but it was a giant touch screen ala the iPhone, so this is a new 3rd prototype, which bodes well for development, but what's different.

According to the gentleman who had this device, it ran faster that the desktop emulator they have for developers, and the OS is put together a lot better on the backend than Windows Mobile 5. Not much of comparison since all of us is working with Windows Mobile 6 these days, but its something new.

As always, this HTC device looks amazing, and probably works equally well or better. I am curious as to how long they think they'll get by with using the Gmail envelope logo for what I assume is the mail app, believe it or not, Yahoo! mail, AOL Mail, and Windows Live mail are all still in existence. Regardless, I like to see new models and new news regarding Android and the OHA, I can't wait until their first device drops officially.

Google Android prototype phone in the flesh!!! [via phonemag]