Android Honeycomb Update To 3.1 Announced At Google I/O

We're inside the opening keynote at Google I/O and they've announced an update to Android Honeycomb to version 3.1. The update will begin rolling out today starting with Verizon's Motorola XOOM 3G devices. It will bring several new user interface enhancements including improvements to the task switcher and widgets.

Instead of just switching between a few tasks, the 3.1 can now switch between much more apps by scrolling through a list of your most recent tasks. Android supports true multitasking, but in order to run efficiently, they've developed a unique technology that automatically shuts down and restores apps transparently. This manages your resources automatically and helps reserve memory.

Widgets now can be resized, stretching both horizontally or vertically. Developers can easily update their apps to support this new widget feature with just a few additional lines of code.

The update has also improved Android's USB support. Android devices can now act as USB hosts, meaning you can do things like importing photos directly from your digital camera to your tablet. Android devices can now also take on various USB accessories such as keyboards, mice, game controllers and more.









Voice recognition for video focus.

Additionally, Android 3.1 Honeycomb will be coming to Google TV. This means that developers can develop for both Android tablets and Google TV using the same 3.1 Honeycomb SDK. Android Market will also be coming to Google TV this summer. Current owners of Google TV will receive a platform update over-the-air. More revelations on Google TV should come tomorrow.