Android Honeycomb to hit in March says insiders

We don't have much in the way of details on this repot to go on, but insiders are claiming that the next big version of Android dubbed Honeycomb will be landing in March of 2011. This is the tablet centric version of the Google Os and should usher in the era of Android tablets in force.

The sources citing a March launch come from Taipei according to DigiTimes. The publication also says that we will see a new MSI tablet running Honeycomb and packing NVIDIA Tegra 2 power under the hood after the new OS is launched.

Take that with a grain of salt though since DigiTimes sources are not always accurate. We still don't know if Honeycomb will see Android move to 3.0 status or if it will be 2.4 or some other number. The rumor meets up with others we have heard pointing to a launch for the tabletified version of Android in the February-March time frame.

Via Android Community