Android fans can get collectible Android figures

If you are a big fan of the Android OS and like the little green robot figure that serves as the logo, you can get your own Android figure. A company called Dyzplastic has teamed with Google to produce an official and approved line of Android Mini Collectibles Series 01 figures.

The figures will be sold individually or by the case and you never know what you are going to get. The Android figures are packed in a blind box and come in plain green and several other paint schemes. A case has 16 of the figures in it. Each figure is three inches tall.

The sets are sold out right now, but more are coming. A complete case sells for $112 and individual figures are $7.25. The plain green Android will be three out of each case with other designs being rarer. Some like the Albino design will be only one out of a case and there are some designs that aren't found in each case.