Android Community reviews Skype with video for Android

Our pals over at Android Community have spent some hands on time with the new Skype with Video app for Android devices. This is the new version of the Skype app that allows for video calls between users. The crux of the review is that it does what it promises very well.

The app has four main tabs with contacts, call, my info, and events listed. The app offers you all the information you have on your contact list and you can contact them however you wish be it IM, voice, or video. The audio quality both from a phone to the computer and from computer to computer is good.

The review notes that the video quality is not ideal, but the reviewer says that it is easily as good as Tango, another video calling app for Android. In the end, the app does exactly what it says it will do and has the edge over other apps because this one is from Skype.

[via Android community]