Android Becoming More Popular In US

Metrics firm Nielsen has unveiled new statistics that came from a survey that was done in August. The new survey showed that things are looking better for Android than it was back in July. The latest figures show that as of August Android smartphones are owned by 43% of all smartphone users. The metrics also indicate that the market is starting to lean towards Android for new users.

Of the users that purchased smartphones in the last three months, 56% of them purchased an Android device. Nielsen says that the number of people choosing a device in the last three months is a good indicator of where the market is headed. The numbers show that iOS is still in second place with 28% of all smartphone users on the Apple OS. The percentage of users that purchased an iOS device in the last three months is 28% as well.

That number for the last three months could be skewed by people that know a new iPhone is inbound and are waiting to see what lands. The next iPhones are rumored to be landing in October at Apple Town Hall. Nielsen's numbers show that the smartphone market overall is growing with 43% of all subscribers in the US using a smartphone as of August. In the last three months, 56% of all devices purchased in the last three months were smartphones.

[via Android Community]