Android Beats Apple in US Smartphone Share

Just in case the IDC study showing that smartphones now outsell PCs wasn't enough of a rush for you, ComScore has a new study out today. It reveals a major upset in the US smartphone market: Android has beat iOS.

In Q4, Android made up 28.7% of the US market. iOS had only 25%, while RIM still lead with 31.6%. The BlackBerry-maker dropped 5.7 percent from Q3 to Q4, a troubling sign of times to come if QNX phones don't get here soon. Windows Phone 7 was down 1.5% to 8.4%, while Palm tumbled a little to 3.7%.

The fourth quarter saw a 60% growth, year-over-year, in smartphone ownership. 63.2 million Americans now own smartphones.

The holiday season was especially kind to Samsung, who pulled in 24.8% of customers in Q4. Samsung was the only (non-Apple) manufacturer who saw their share increase in this quarter.

[Via CNET]