Android app Beta testing expanding in Google Play

Early adopters of software are about to get a lot easier-to-use tools in Google Play this week as Google ramps up testing options for developers. While Google has offered up some early testing tools to developers in the past, this week they're moving forward with a solid set of three options for Beta testing apps with the public. Open Beta is joined by Closed beta using email addresses and Closed beta with Google+ community or Google Group access. In short, it's about to get a lot easier to use apps earlier for the greater good of the software community.

Soon users will be able to work with the following three early testing groups. The "Closed beta with Google+ community or Google Group" access option was the one and only option available to developers as of recent times. This update adds the following two:

1. Open Beta

With this option, developers will be able to release and app with large numbers of testers with relative ease. They'll be able to limit the number of testers allowed in one group, as well. When a developer wants to use Open Beta as an option, the average user will be able to join said Beta with one click, and download the app with another.

2. Closed Beta using email addresses

If the app isn't quite ready for the more open universe of Open Beta, Closed Beta can be sent out to unique Google users via email. You – as a developer – will be able to add certain emails to a list individually or via a long list in .csv file format.

When an email is added to the list for your app, that user will receive an email at that address through which they'll be able to click to download the app. Super simple.

Below you'll see a video showing how the crew at Wooga made fast iterations work for them with Google's super neat beta release system.