Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich core apps detailed

You'll be running around easily through the web with many new features added to the newest version of Google's built-in browser for Android. This browser allows you to use tabs, tabs that sit in groups, and vertical collections of links for easy navigation. You'll be able to swipe through saved sites, get rid of them easily, and see your most viewed sites without effort. Full touch-screen interaction allows you to easily move through large images, and the entire system has a new aesthetic for a hands-off look.

Gmail has been updated to allow you to easily move through messages by, first, allowing you to swipe back and forth through messages left and right just like you can on your home screens. Offline search works now, this working with your last 30 days of email out of the box – and that amount of time can be adjusted to whatever you like. Names will be inserted with new squares similar to what you see in Google+, and the entire system is integrated with your address book for simplicity.

Google Calendar has been updated to allow you to zoom in on events, add events with the newest version of their block color aesthetic, and the entire aesthetic for navigation has been updated. Mobile data has been added as a feature built-in to Android. With this you'll be able to see what apps are using what data, how much data you've used, and gives you the option of cutting yourself off at a certain point. You can get in to a certain app if you wish and cut IT off at a certain point as well.

Whatever you want! (Images on the way soon, by the way.)