Android 4.0 for Tablets shouldn't be judged until it's released

Last week it was announced that the Transformer Prime would be the first certified tablet to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, then today the XOOM ICS update began rolling out, but there's one judgement article out there produced by a high-ranking set of names which has passed judgement on it for those who would take their for granted that they know all about it from their 2 minutes of playtime. What they say, as it were, is that they know a guy with a Motorola tablet who has Ice Cream Sandwich on it and told them that it wasn't very good. They then say they were at CES and spoke with a less than knowledgeable presenter who didn't know ICS from Honeycomb.

Next, they complain that the apps drawer button isn't in the same place on the tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich as it is on the Galaxy Nexus, a smartphone. The very last set of paragraphs is title "I'll soon be testing on a tablet." This comes AFTER the title of the full article which is called "Android 4.0 for Tablets Still Needs Work." The article also says that the iPad is far superior simply because it used the same interface as the iPhone and the iPod Touch when it launched, this allowing people to use it with little to no learning curve whatsoever.

Though this is a column you're reading here, and it should be clear that this is my own opinion, I say it again: this is my own opinion: thou shalt not judge an operating system after you've used it for less time than it takes to take a dump. When you do this, the article you've written ends up looking and smelling just like that: a dump for judgements passed with inadequate time put in to judge. So that's what I'm doing here as well: writers, you still need work, I'll be testing you soon.

For the rest of you out there in the gadget and tech publishing world, know this: when we get an adequate amount of time to review the tablet side of Ice Cream Sandwich, we'll do it, and you'll know what it's really made of.