Android 2.3 Might Land Today, Notion Ink Adam Supports NFC?

A few things are coming together today with some rumors and teased info from Notion Ink coming together to suggest things that Android fans will be excited about. Notion Ink was rumored a while back to have included some sort of secret hardware feature in the Adam Tablet. Another rumor has Android 2.3 Gingerbread landing today or tomorrow.

We know that Gingerbread will support NFC and Notion Ink has teased today as a "big day for Android." Take those rumors and teases together and we get the picture that the secret hardware feature of the Adam tablet from Notion Ink was support for NFC.

The big day for Android would have to be the launch of Gingerbread so we are thinking at this point that we will see Gingerbread hit today and Notion Ink will announce the Adam supports NFC. The NFC Forum will also be launching its new NFC certification program in Paris tomorrow. We should get some cool new additions to the Android realm this week.

Via Android Community