Android 2.2 Froyo for x86 coming this summer

Intel expect to release a version of Android 2.2 suitable for x86 based devices such as Atom tablets and netbooks within the next few months, in the expectation that the popular OS' availability will encourage use of their own chips rather than those of rival ARM in netbooks and tablets.  Speaking to APC, Intel VP of software and services, Renee James, explained that "our expectation is that (native x86 Android) will be based on the Froyo release and will be available this summer to developers."

Not only will Intel be providing the code to their developer partners, but they'll also be making it available to anyone who wants to tinker with Android.  "All of the (x86) code will be fed back into the open branch that will be created for x86" James explains, suggesting that Intel's experience of Linux work in the past meant that creating the new x86 Android release "wasn't tremendously difficult".

[via Android Community]