Android 12 leak tips lockscreen clock system like wallpapers

There's a new sort of clock coming to Google Pixel devices, if what today's leak suggested is entirely accurate. Data arrived in the latest developer version of Android 12, or Android S, ready for Google Pixel devices right out the gate. It's possible this clock system won't be delivered to devices beyond the Google Pixel, but we shall see!

The several versions of the clock that've been in the works and/or released in Google Pixel devices so far haven't been particularly mind-blowing. They've not... really pushed the envelope when it comes to game-changing graphic design.

One version looks like a bubble clock, another looks like an analog clock with long hands. Both of these versions may or may not have the standard numbers readout alongside it. The stock lock screen clock still has the standard numbers readout, along with the date, weather, and temperature.

The most classy iteration of the lockscreen clock with this update is the all-text clock. In this case, shown here thanks to a set of screenshots from XDA Developers, we see "It's Five Sixteen" in a pair of colors. These colors are also present in the hands on the clock in the two other versions of the clock.

The newest iteration of the clock, also dug up by the folks at XDA Developers, we see the newest clock action in Android 12. The Android 12 clock shown here creates a pyramid of numbers, with the hour on top and the minutes on the bottom.

It's entirely possible we'll see this iteration of the clock available for the Google Pixel lineup by the time Android 12 is released to the public. For now, it's only really available for users running the Developer Preview of Android 12, complete with a system that MAY allow custom clock faces the same way your Google Pixel phone has a fun collection of wallpapers from Google.

Take a peek at the Android 12 Developer Preview right now if you have a device that can take advantage of it. Hit the timeline of links below to learn more about Android 12, including how to get it on your Pixel phone.