Android 11 release date leaked, here's how

Today Google essentially revealed the release date for Android 11, a version of Android that does not (yet) have a dessert name. While Google maintains that they will no longer be giving fancy food names to their new Android iterations, we're now about to let that stop us from naming it ourselves. How about Red Velvet Cake, or ...roscón de reyes (ring of the kings)?

A video published by Google for Google Assistant – more specifically for the "Hey Google" Smart Home Summit" showed a clue that points to the launch date for Android 11. This launch date may change, and it could very well be pushed back due to delays that've cropped up in the last few months due to COVID-19, but chances are pretty good we've got a near-lock on this one.

In a slide shown in the video above, there's a pretty clear indicator that we'll get an Android 11 launch date of September 8, 2020. In the slide, Google shows a "Checklist for September 8th Android 11 launch" along with steps to "tell yourusers about it" and "make sure it's easy to link your devices to Google" and "provide the highest quality integration."

Previous releases for Android 11 had developer previews pretty much meet their deadlines despite our current global pandemic. Beta releases in around the start of summer gave way to platform stability releases starting this month, here in July 2020, and a general "Q3" window is given for the final release (in Google's official Android 11 release timeline).

A new release for Android generally falls around the first week of September. Google's tendency is to release a major new version of Android on a Monday, and that WOULD point to a September 7th 2020 release, but that date is Labor Day. So, Tuesday it very well might seem to be!

Once launch day arrives, you'll want to start up your Google Pixel smartphone and keep your notifications menu pulled down, staring at said menu incessantly until the time comes that you're able to tap the OTA, and download that update!