Andrew Chase Steampunk Mechanical Horse is galloping marvel

Steampunk has come to be associated with over-decorated, cog-encrusted Victoriana, but artist Andrew Chase has arguably taken it to its purist roots. His mechanical horse is just that: a beautiful, hand-crafted metal beast complete with piston legs.

Actually building the horse apparently took a lot longer than Chase expected, predominantly because he was striving for some sort of at least vaguely convincing accuracy. "The problem is/was that everyone knows what a horse looks like so I couldn't cheat (much)" he told bookofjoe, adding "accuracy sucks."

The 45-55lb beast stands 27-inches high at the shoulder, and is 27-inches long and 8-inches wide. We're not exactly sure what Chase is going to do with it, though we're sure it makes an imperious place to sit and watch TV from.

[via bookofjoe]