Ancient cemetery found under parking lot in England

It would seem parking lots in England are the places to go for those wanting to find some ancient bones – or, in this case, a rather large grave, which is said to be the final resting place of individuals of different religions, making it especially unque. The discovery was made in Leicester, England, and is said to be approximately 1700 years old.

The parking lot in question is in the junction between Oxford and Newarke, and features 13 skeletons of all sorts of ages. The skeletons range from children to adults with a mixture of male and female. The remains are said to be in possession of personal items, such as rings, and to indicate different religions ranging from Christianity to paganism.

This isn't the first time Leicester has been the source of an unearthed ancient grave cite, with the remains of King Richard III being found under a parking lot earlier this year. As Live Science points out, Scotland was also caught up in a similar story, with a medieval knight's grave being found there, likewise under a parking lot. Concerning this project, the bones will be studied for information about the time period from which they come.

Archaeological project officer on the team responsible for the finding, John Thomas, said: "We have literally only just finished the excavation and the finds are currently in the process of being cleaned and catalogued so that they can then be analyzed by the various specialists." The team hails from the University of Leicester and is still working on the project.

[via Live Science]