Anchorman 2 trailers just the beginning: 50 unique clips unleashed

The folks behind the international push for the viewing of the sequel to one of the most well-received comedy movies in recent history – Anchorman – have brought on some heat when it comes to viral advertising this month. They've made it known to the whole world that they mean business with a total of 50 new newscast videos, each of them sent out on top of a real newscast, covering real news. These bits are mixed with recent appearances on Conan O'Brien and a set of Dodge Durango commercials – or rather strange promotions – as well.

According to AdWeek, there are more than 50 unique video spots out in the wild already with Will Ferrell acting as Ron Burgundy right this minute. They also had an (extremely brief) message from Ferrell in which he suggested that he was "taken aback" by the "most comprehensive amount of material I've ever participated in."

Above you'll see a campaign kicked up by the team in which Burgundy asks the public to show their own newscasting skills. The only prize here is a tiny bit of internet fame, more than enough to encourage masses of YouTube users to take part.

Above you'll see a clip from GNN, the "Global News Network" set up in the second Anchorman movie. This News Network will be the first 24-hour news network the news team participates in. Hilarity ensues. The above clip deals with "British Halloween" while the one below attacks Dr. Who.

Earlier this month the team released the clip you're seeing below, one on top of the 2013 Melbourne Cup. This message is directed specifically at Australia and is released by Paramount Pictures AU, as such.

The team at Omaze worked with the full news team for an 826LA charity cause recently as well. The next video shows off a "top 10 reasons to hang out with the news team", with reasons including snacking on snakes and licking Ron Burgundy's face. This bit ramped up to a full reading of Anchorman on stage – strange without a doubt.

There are a massive number of videos out right this minute surrounding the 2014 Dodge Durango. This promotion works with all the features of the vehicle with added oddity from Burgundy such as the following play on their "UConnect" system.

Then there's the really, really strange advertisements like Burgundy's support of Club Orange. If you thought the Durango promotion was wild, you're about to get blown away – in just 10 seconds.

Look like enough of a push for this comedy movie release to you? The film Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues will be appearing in theaters on the 20th of December, 2013.