Anchor Bay Offers Affordable HDMI 1.3 Deep Color Video-Processing IC With ABT1030

Soon we'll get to see a cheaper and better video scaler and deinterlacer on Blu-ray player, standalone video processor or your AV receiver. Anchor Bay has announced the release of the ABT1030, a new video-processing IC designed for low cost format-conversion applications in STB, DVD, AVR, and Blu-ray player/recorders.

Anchor Bay video chipset has featured on many flagship and premium product such as latest DVDO EDGE II, VP50 video scaler, Toshiba HD-DVD A35 player, Oppo DV-983H DVD player and Denon DVD-5910CI just to name a few. One reason I still keep my obsolete HD-DVD A35 on the shelf is the superior DVD playback that tops my ps3, Integra 9.8 pre-pro Reon scaler and Oppo DVD player by a margin.

The ABT1030 will feature Video Reference Series™ (VRS™) Precision Video Scaling™, Precision Deinterlacing™ and the patented Progressive Re-Processing™ (PReP™) technology. PReP is a breakthrough technology with industry's first processing method that significantly improves progressive video signals and removes artifacts caused by inferior interlaced-to-progressive conversion. The ABT1030 fully supports HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color™ with 36-bit in both inputs and outputs, and xvYCC colorimetry capabilities with 12-bit input and output resolutions.