Analysts Report Apple May Have Sold Nearly 90 Million iPhones Since Launch

Apple will be revealing their earnings during their last quarter, which ended on Christmas Day, next week, and it's suggested that the company will announce that they've sold somewhere in the ballpark of 90 million iPhones throughout the world since its launch in 2007. These estimates were polled by Fortune from 33 different analysts, all of which had a different number to chime in as to how many iPhones Apple sold in their last quarter.

The high number comes from the already high 73.7 million iPhones Apple has sold throughout the world since September, when the company last revealed global numbers. That brought the Cupertino-based company $45.6 billion in additional revenue. Estimates for this quarter range from 14 million, all the way up to 18.35 million. The average seems to be at 15.78 million. And if that is the case, then the iPhone would have sold 89.6 million in worldwide sales, even before it launches on Verizon.

There's no doubt that when the iPhone 4 launches on Verizon next month, that the sales of the device will sky rocket once again. But, with Apple's earning call right around the corner, it will certainly be interesting to see how many iPhones the company has managed to move since their last earnings call. Will the company surprise the world again?

[via Fortune]