Analysts predict price cuts for PSP and DS

Emily Price - Aug 12, 2008
Analysts predict price cuts for PSP and DS

NPD is underway, and analysts are making predictions for the rest of the year in gaming. Some analysts are predicting Wii’s to start staying in stock at retailers in the coming months allowing retailers to actually build up an inventory of the consoles come Christmas time rather than be in a shortage.

Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian also predicts hardware “enhancements” to also be announced for the PSP and the DS this year as well as price cuts for the Xbox 360, Sony PSP, and Nintendo DS.

I know I still have a tough time finding Wii’s in my town. What do you think about the prediction that the console will start staying in stock?

Look for the results from NPD later this week on August 14th.

[via VideoGaming247]

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