Analysts predict Iron Man ticket sales will be down due to GTA IV launch

Movie studios have to be careful when they pick a weekend to release a new movie in theaters. They mostly have to worry about a larger movie opening at the same time and drawing away a good portion of their sales. No one really worries about a different medium interfering with ticket sales. However, the sales expectations for Grand Theft Auto IV may have a negative impact on the release of Iron Man.

GTA IV is scheduled to be released on April 29, which is only a few days before Iron Man is slated to hit theaters. The problem here is that you've got a highly anticipated sequel to a major gaming franchise in one hand, and a big-budget movie based on a comic book in the other. Both are going to be targeting roughly the same demographic.

Honestly, I don't think that the dates being so close together will prevent me from getting the best of both worlds. I'll definitely be picking up GTA IV, and as a huge Marvel fan, I'm probably going to find myself in a theater the following weekend for Iron Man. What about you guys?

[via Next-Gen]