Analyst - the iPhone costs only $200 to produce

The iPhone is out, so all of the rumors have been confirmed or disproved, and now we can move onto hard facts, right? In this world of technology, people must always speculate on that which they do not know. One such thing that people are speculating is just how much the iPhone costs to produce.

The analysts over at Portelligent think that they have pegged the exact price that Apple has paid for each device. After tearing them apart, they analyzed each component and came up with a price of $200 for a 4GB iPhone and $220 for an 8GB model.

They really did their homework on this breakdown, and are quite confident that they are very accurate in their speculation. If this is true, Apple is making a killing off of these, especially the 8GB version. Granted, some of the profit goes into marketing, but honestly, Apple really hasn't done a ton of marketing. Most of that was done by the internet buzz. Time will still tell if the iPhone will end up being the staple that the iPhone is, but it's sure off to a good start.

Analysts claim iPhone costs just $200 to make [via MYiTablet]