Analogue releases exclusive Hyperdub music on Sega Genesis cartridges

Analogue has teamed with electronic music record label Hyperdub to offer music on a unique medium: game cartridges. Specifically, Analogue is producing 1,000 units of music-packed Sega Genesis cartridges that feature a total of 11 songs composed by various Hyperdub artists specifically for the new collaboration. Each cartridge will come with a substantial price tag.

Analogue is a company known for creating retro consoles that enable modern gamers to explore the gaming experiences of the previous generation. The company offers its own Mega Sg in the US and Japan; it can be used to play Sega Master System game cartridges using an adapter, Sega Genesis games, Gear Gear games, and more.

The retro console is priced at a pricey $189.99 USD, which is more expensive than some actual Sega Genesis units you can find on the used market. Unlike those used units, however, the company's products are new with some upgrades for modern times, including support for 1080p video by upscaling game content.

The company has introduced a Limited Edition Mega Sg console featuring imagery related to the Hyperdub collaboration. That console is part of the $250 USD kit that includes an 8BitDo M30 2.4g controller, the Hyperdub music cartridge, a metal keychain, HDMI cable, USB cable, and power supply.

Analogue says the 11 tracks featured on the unique music cartridge are exclusives; they will not be made available through other mediums. Whereas the console has a semi-translucent design, the music cartridge has a tech-inspired camo design. The company is offering the limited 1,000 units for sale now.