Analogue Pocket pre-order today - the good news and the bad news

Last week, Analogue made a couple of big announcements regarding its upcoming handheld, the Pocket. First was the announcement that Pocket had been delayed into May 2021, at least in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic complicating production and shipping. The second big announcement was regarding when pre-orders would open, with Analogue setting a pre-order date of August 3rd.

That, in case you haven't noticed, is today, and if you forgot to mark your calendar, it seems that you're out of luck. Earlier today, Analogue revealed via Twitter that Pocket pre-orders were sold out; on its own, that isn't really surprising, because Analogue has a reputation for making solid retro consoles that are generally worth the money.

What is surprising is the time it took those Pocket pre-orders to sell out. Pre-orders opened at 8AM PDT/11AM EDT this morning, and 15 minutes later, Analogue published its tweet saying they were sold out.

If you didn't manage to snag one in that brief 15 minute window, you definitely aren't alone judging from some of the comments on that tweet you see embedded above. The good news is that Analogue will be producing more Pockets, so you'll have more chances in the future to buy one.

For now, Analogue doesn't say when it expects to have more Pockets in stock, but the company prompts those interested in buying one to sign up for stock notifications at its store. Users can sign up for email notifications for many Pocket accessories as well, including the dock, which seems like a fairly important add-on. We'll let you know when Analogue restocks the Pocket as well, so stay tuned for more.