Analogue Interactive unveils Neo Geo joystick and new console color

Back in the day I wanted a Neo Geo so bad I could taste it, but the parents wouldn't go for it. If you have Neo Geo or just want to have one, only made from wood Analogue Interactive is the place that you need to check out. The company makes a wooden Neo Geo and matching joystick. The company has announced a few new products.

The Walnut CMVS console has been around for a while and now the company is unveiling the Analogue CMVS Slim has with a new ebonized ash enclosure. That means it is made from ash wood that is colored black. The firm also has the exact same black wood enclosure on a new Analogue CMVS Slim joystick. Retro gamers know that the controllers are the thing that really brings the feel to the old games. The company uses the same parts inside the wooden case that Neo Geo used in the controllers back in the day.

The controllers are made to be as near the original Neo Geo controllers as possible and they will work with real Neo Geo consoles as well. The new CMVS slim console sells for $649. The new arcade controller sells for $199. The slim controller and console are still on the site in walnut right now. It's not clear if they are there until stock is sold out or if both colors will continue on.