Amulet Remote responds to voice commands

Remote controls have undoubtedly made the worlds population just a little bit lazier if nothing more. The Amulet Remote seems to be aimed at taking this just a little bit further. No need to be straining your fingers as you flip through channels anymore, just shout at the remote.

Designed specifically to work with Vista Media Center this voice activated remote control allows users to record shows, watch your recorded programming, skip playlists or even queue up a photos slideshow by simply talking to your remote. That's it, let it all out, this remote is here to serve you, though it does not respond well to criticism.

Not everyone is going to take to talking to a remote very well, that is why there has also been buttons added for the quieter family members. This remote is slotted to ship sometime in March. Though $299 is a bit more that I would like to spend on a remote, this device certainly would be interesting to try out.