Amtek U560 UMPC gets Windows 7: 600MHz A100 CPU, just 512MB RAM

We've seen plenty of netbooks coaxed into running the Windows 7 beta, and eventually doing so at a faster clip than Vista could ever manage, but how about a real challenge?  The Amtek U560 UMPC was first demonstrated back in 2007, and uses an Intel A100 processor running at just 600MHz; it also only has 512MB of RAM.  A tough prospect, but Windows 7 not only works but manages to give an Experience Index score of more than 1.Video demo of the Amtek U560 running Windows 7 after the cut

In fact, the Windows 7 Experience Index rating for the U560 is 1.2.  That might not sound like much, but considering many UMPCs only manage a score of 1 in the Vista Experience Index, the little Amtek is doing pretty well.

Installation required an external USB DVD drive and a copy of the Windows 7 beta, putting it on the U560's 18GB of storage.  The standard WiFi drivers didn't work, so those for XP were offered up instead; the end result is a dual-booting UMPC capable of running both Windows XP and Windows 7.

[via Ultra Mobile PC Tips]