AmpliTube iRig puts a guitar amp in the iPhone

Shane McGlaun - May 10, 2010
AmpliTube iRig puts a guitar amp in the iPhone

I have no musical talent. The extent of my musical ability is to load tracks on my iPhone and listen to them in the car. If you are the musical type who likes to play the electric guitar and you want a portable amp that you can use wherever you may roam, the AmpliTube iRig is perfect.

Guitarists can purchase the new AmpliTube iRig system for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The system includes a hardware adapter that lets you plug your electric guitar into the headphone port along with a port on the iRig for headphones so you can listen in private.

The app that goes along with the adapter is free and offers a guitar amp that has lots of features. The app lets you combine up to three stompbox effects at the same time and add other amps and effects as needed. There are a total of 11 stomps, five amps, five cabinets, and two mics in the app custom shop. The iRig adapter sells for $39.99.

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