AmpLamp concept combines lighting with audio

Brenda Barron - Sep 24, 2008
AmpLamp concept combines lighting with audio

It’s always nice when a device is a multitasker. And if anyone watches the cooking show, “Good Eats,” they’ll know how a multitasking device can save you money and space. However, what would you say to a lamp that is also a stereo speaker?

The AmpLamp is a concept design that sports the form of a lamp, yet has speakers tucked away within the lamp shade. The base of the lamp has a subwoofer. The really cool thing is that it utilizes NXT technology, which can turn a flat surface into a speaker. It also uses Airsound, which is noticeable by the flared out speakers on the sides of the lamp.

The speakers combine for an 80 watts of power. And yes, it is an actual, functioning lamp as well. Designed by Dominic Bromley, the AmpLamp is still just a concept, but it would be pretty cool if it were realized.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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