Amp'd Mobile - Get out while you still have your number

If you're an Amp'd Mobile customer, my first reaction is to ask you why you're still holding onto this sinking ship, and my second is to warn you to get off of it while you can still have your number ported elsewhere.

Apparently Amp'd Mobile is racking up around $370,000 worth of bills with Verizon each day. With a growing debt of over $50 million to Verizon, it's really only a matter of time before they pull the plug.

Just in case you haven't gotten the irony yet, Amp'd was targeting high-risk customers that couldn't get on with other providers. Something like half of their customers haven't paid their bills and have forced them into bankruptcy. Wow, I bet no one saw that coming.

Amp'd Mobile Bankruptcy Costing Verizon $370,000 A Day [via consumerist]