A.M.P. music-playing gyroscopic-dancing companion robot

Looking, frankly, malevolent at your taste in music, Tiger Electronics' A.M.P. Automated Music Personality robot is meant to "revolutionize how and where you listen to music."  Standing 29-inches high, the A.M.P. uses a piezoelectric gyroscope to stay upright on his twin-wheels (with a flip-out kick-stand for stationary use) and lets you plug in any MP3 player, stow it in his back compartment, and then watch in astonished horror as it "dances" to the music's beat, flashing its 49 LEDs and adding any of more than 62 sound effects.  Playback is via the built-in 12 watt amp, through a 5-inch mid-range speaker and two high output tweeters.  On the A.M.P.'s hands are touch-sensitive mixing pads, the left controlling music effects and the right controlling the audio itself. 

There are several modes, ranging from 'Dance' during which the A.M.P. syncs movements to the music, 'Track' where it follows the remote control so that the speakers are always facing you, and 'Drive' where you use the remote to move the robot and trigger effects.  There's also 'Follow' mode, where the robot uses IR sensors to track the remote around the house, as well as obsticle sensors to avoid driving into furniture, and 'Park' which triggers the flip-out kickstand.

A carry-handle on the back automatically cuts power to the wheels, and if the batteries are dying the kickstand flips out to keep the robot upright.  It's a real battery eater, actually; six D for the A.M.P. itself and three AAA for the remote.  Thankfully Tiger (and Sega Toys, who are distributing the robot) include an AC adaptor.  You'll get 10hrs playback from a full charge.

What's scariest, though, isn't the Cylon stare but the price: $500 when the A.M.P. launches in October. 

Video via GearlogPress Release:

Experience Music Like Never Before with the Introduction of A.M.P. Automated Music Personality from Tiger Electronics

A.M.P. Automated Music Personality Features D.B.T. Dynamic Balancing Technology, A Powerful Stereo Sound System and Unique Personality to Revolutionize How and Where You Listen to Music

TOKYO –(Business Wire)– Jun. 18, 2008 Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) has teamed up with Japanese distributor SEGA Toys to introduce the future of music mobility with A.M.P. Automated Music Personality, a mobile robotic music companion that revolutionizes how and where you listen to music. Gadget enthusiasts will get a first-hand look as A.M.P. Automated Music Personality makes his worldwide debut at the Tokyo Toy Show, the world's premiere destination for the latest hi-tech toys, gadgets and cutting-edge electronics. SEGA will be hosting the robotic music companion at its Tokyo Toy Show booth from June 19-22 at Tokyo Big Sight.

A dynamic companion, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will blast your music through his state-of-the-art stereo sound system – with attitude. Simply plug in any MP3 player and let A.M.P. Automated Music Personality show off some of his best dance moves. Perfect for the modern lifestyle, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality stands at 29 inches tall and features a sleek black and yellow modern exterior with stylized chrome detailing. Music has never looked this good! With five different modes and over 62 sound effects, numerous electrifying dance moves and 49 expressive LED light animations; A.M.P. Automated Music Personality connects you with your music in a unique new way.

"Hasbro is redefining the mobile stereo entertainment system with the introduction of A.M.P Automated Music Personality," says Duncan Billing, global development officer, Hasbro, Inc. "By using D.B.T.-Dynamic Balancing Technology, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality is able to balance in a manner that seems to defy gravity. With this impressive technology combined with a unique personality and incredible mobility; the way you listen and interact with your music will never be the same."

"Hasbro and SEGA have a long history of working together in both product development and distribution, and SEGA TOYS is delighted to premiere this cool new media bot to the tech-savvy Japanese consumer," said Isao Kokubun, C.E.O. of SEGA Toys.

Now you can kick that old stereo to the curb! Remote control operated and easy to use, just plug in any MP3 player into A.M.P. Automated Music Personality and secure your MP3 player in the case located securely on his back. You'll feel the beat as A.M.P. Automated Music Personality delivers powerful stereo sound through a 5" mid-range speaker and two high output tweeters. A.M.P. Automated Music Personality's Dynamic Balancing Technology enables him to dance and roll balanced on two wheels. You can also add more boom to any song with the dedicated bass boost button. Take control and be the DJ as A.M.P. Automated Music Personality becomes a virtual mixing deck. His distinctive touch pads serve as a way to layer different sound effects and scratches over your tunes. Use the left touch pad to add music effects and the right touch pad to control the audio.

Controlling A.M.P. Automated Music Personality is easy. Make him dance, watch him roll- it's up to you! Using the remote, you can easily manage all of his movements and cycle through his five different modes: Dance, Track, Drive, Park and Follow.

To get the party started, switch this robot into Dance mode and he'll show you how to get down. Whether its techno, hip hop or a rockin' guitar jam from your MP3 player, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will dance to the music utilizing his internal beat detection software. Watch as A.M.P. Automated Music Personality moves in sync to the rhythm of the song you are playing. A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will be sure to grab your attention as he expresses his personality through 49 LED lights and futuristic sound effects.

In Track mode, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will always keep the music facing you so you'll never miss a beat. A.M.P. will orient himself towards you as you hold the remote control, keeping the music pointed in your direction.

To control A.M.P. Automated Music Personality with the remote, shift him into Drive mode. Here you can manually control any and all of A.M.P. Automated Music Personality's movements with the remote.

If you are just hanging out, place A.M.P. Automated Music Personality in Park mode and his glossy black kickstand will deploy automatically which will enable him to remain stationary. Sit back and listen to your music through A.M.P. Automated Music Personality's impressive speaker system.

A.M.P. Automated Music Personality gives new meaning to the term "music server." Whether you are playing video games or having friends over, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will bring the music to you in Follow mode. A.M.P. Automated Music Personality utilizes IR technology to seek out, locate and move towards the user's hand held remote. With specialized tire tread and built-in obstacle detection sensors, you can maneuver A.M.P. Automated Music Personality around most stairs, walls and other obstructions in his path. Bring A.M.P. Automated Music Personality to a quick stop in Follow mode by touching his head sensor and he will come to a complete stop.

A.M.P. Automated Music Personality also has built in features including an easy carry handle with a switch that will disengage the motor in the wheel and auto deploy his kickstand. When A.M.P. Automated Music Personality enters low battery mode, his specially designed kickstand will drop and he will alert you that his battery is running low while continuing to keep the music blasting. Solid and well-built, he has impact points on his back, front and both "hands".

Battery-operated, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality comes fully equipped with an AC power adapter, 6" headphone adapter plug and a carrying case for your MP3 player (not included). A.M.P. Automated Music Personality and his controller require six D batteries and three AAA batteries (not included) for approximately ten hours of continuous entertainment.

Technical Specifications:

– 12-watt stereo sound

– Bass boost touch sensor

– 2 tweeters & mid-range speaker

– 15 minutes of built-in music

– Audio input jack

– 4 control motors

– 2 obstacle-detection sensors

– Infrared tracking system

– 49 LED lights

– 14 touch sensors

– Piezoelectric gyroscope

A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will be available nationwide at select consumer electronics online retailers starting this October for an approximate retail price of $500. Visit http://www.ampbot.com for more information.