Among Us update brings anonymous voting as devs reveal roadmap for new features

Among Us received a new update this week that added some previously promised features. While the update itself is small, the features it's adding could change the game rather dramatically for a lot of players. In addition, Among Us developer Innersloth has shared a roadmap for the game, with details on new features that should be landing in the future.

Before we dive into the roadmap, let's cover what was included in the the update that shipped out this week. First and foremost, the update adds a new anonymous voting options, in which all of the votes for a particular crewmate show up as gray. So, while this will still show players how many votes they received, it will no longer show the color of players who voted for them, potentially preventing retaliation based on voting alone.

There are also some new taskbar settings to check out in this update: "Always mode" will show the taskbar as it has normally appeared up to this point, "Meeting mode" will only update the taskbar during meetings, while "Invisible mode" does just what it says on the tin and never shows the taskbar. We're also seeing a new Comms sabotage go live that allows imposters to clear security logs, and the addition of symbols to the Fix Wires task.

Many of these new features were ones we already knew about thanks to sneaky beta updates Innersloth rolled out in weeks prior, but now they're part of the live game. In addition to launching these new features, Innersloth has also detailed its plans for the future of Among Us, saying that it'll have an account system in place by some point in December. An account system would be a big boon for those who are sick of encountering toxicity or hacking, as it would easily allow users to report other players.

We'll also see the addition of a new Henry Stickmin-themed map that's said to be bigger than Polus, but there's no timeline for that map's release. We'll also see new translation and localization options go live in the future, along with potential improvements to colorblind support as well. All in all, it sounds like some big features are coming to Among Us, so we'll keep an eye out for details on when those will be arriving.