Among Us update brings a new color: Tan!

The folks behind Among Us are bringing a fan favorite to the playable game universe. This new character is an old character – a character you've seen before, but haven't been able to play with or as before now. Along with the game's expansion to a larger realm, with more players a bigger lobby for the masses, it's time for the tan player to go into action.

This new crewmate appeared in leaks over the past year – it almost made it to the game before now, way back when LIME took its place instead. Now, here we have tan.

For those of you that've never played Among Us before – you might be shocked to find how something so insignificant to the game as a color can become such a significant part of the Among Us fan universe. You get a color, you get a hat – the color nor the hat have any baring on the outcome of the game.

For those of you looking to drop in on this new Tan player with full efficacy, you'll want to know that the color is hex #928776, with a shadow hex #51423D and outline #1C1513.

Now we have red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan, and lime. The 12th color will be TAN. It's also expected that Coral, Rose, and Gray will be added before long. Imagine being so very invested in this gloriously simple game that the addition of a single color is exciting – that's how big and furiously popular this game is right this minute.

Tan won't be in the game just yet. First they need to talk about Tan, then they need to implement Tan in the game, and release Tan. You'll need to wait until the Summer Game Fest event on June 10, 2021 for more information. We'll be covering the whole event and everything from here to there – so stay tuned!