Among Us new Imposter role revealed as the Shapeshifter

Last year's biggest hit game Among Us is getting a big update in the near future, one that will, among other things, bring new Roles to the title. Innersloth says it is still keeping most of the details about its upcoming update a secret, but it is revealing one big change early to get players excited: the new Imposter role.

All but one of the new roles added to Among Us will involve the Crewmates — the innocent players who run around completing tasks while trying to avoid death at the hands of one or more Imposters. The new Imposter role, Innersloth says, will be Shapeshifter, a foe who can disguise their appearance as that of an existing crew member.

The shapeshifting process involves an egg-like object appearing over the Shapeshifter; Crewmates will be able to see this transformation process, making it a risky move that may pay off if carefully used. As well, the default settings will result in the Shapeshifter returning to its regular state after a short period of time.

Game hosts will be given the ability to choose how many Shapeshifters can be in a match and the odds that an Imposter will spawn with the shapeshifting ability. One example provided is that a host may limit matches to a maximum of two shapeshifters with a 30-percent chance that Imposters will spawn with the extra ability.

Though this is the only update to the game's Imposter role, it represents a massive change in how matches will play out. The increased complexity is arguably a necessity at this point in the title's lifespan, as the game has grown a bit stale over recent months.

Innersloth reveals that Among Us matches conducted for internal playtesting have been "extremely chaotic" due to the Shapeshifter role. With this revelation, one big question remains: what are the new Crewmate roles and how will they help guard against the Shapeshifter?